Ieros Naos Agiou Kosma Aitolou

Ieros Naos Agiou Kosma Aitolou is the formal online website Of the church of Saint Kosmas of Aetolia in Ayios Athanasios in Limassol. St. Kosmas Aitolos Church is built in the entrance of the cemetary of Ayios Athanasios and is the first church in Cyprus dedicated to Saint Kosmas Aitolos.

The website aims to provide information to the public regarding the services provided by the church and the activities organised. Online Visitors of this website may find information regarding the masses program published every month, the fasting periods, Sunday school, book publications and donation scemes. Furhter more there are several useful numbers of people from the church comitee to guide you through any inquiries.

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Number of Employees 1-50

Ieros Naos Agiou Kosma Aitolou Limassol

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41A Charalambou Evagorou, Ieros Naos Agiou Kosma Aitolou , Ayios Athanasios , Limassol 4107, Cyprus